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About Me

I am a poet, writer, artist, and UX/UI Designer. With a B.A. in Creative Writing and my A.A. in Diversified Studies, which strongly focused on Graphic Design, I minored in Humanities throughout. UX/UI Design allows me to combine all of these areas of focus into one central field.


With a love for psychology, myths, and folklore, I am particularly drawn to the interconnections of the universe and humanity that I find within nature's patterns and our divine connectedness. Drawing on all of these as inspirations to portray them in each area of my work is my favorite. 

While writing has been used as an escape for me at times in the past, such as many authors and poets tend to do, I have realized that I'd rather go within myself to connect more, rather than escape anything.

To keep everything together for you, I have included links to all of my work websites here which include my poetry portfolio, a storefront link with my wearable art from LeGaleriste, and my UX/UI Design portfolio. 

Feel free to reach out to me with constructive or positive feedback, as I'm always working to improve my work and love getting feedback from outside perspectives. You can also sign up to receive emails if you'd like updates on my latest work.


Thank you so much for your time and I wish each of you the best in all of your endeavors,


Sarah Jackson

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